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After 15 beautiful, intense, full of growth years in New York City, I felt I needed a drastic change. I was longing for a simpler & slower life, and going back to real values, which for me are human authentic interaction and connection with nature. After 5 years of extended travel in search of a new home, as I arrived in Bali, I knew... it was evident.

The past year has been all about planting seeds for a brand new life and a new way to work. Bali is arguably one of the world's most artistic culture, therefore, it is the dream playground for creative people. Art is naturally infused into everyday life. This was a huge inspiration for me, and local people made it possible for me to set this new way of working.

My new website is a life style site-platform where I can share all I love. We make many things, related to what I am passionate about. Yoga wear, surf wear, home decor, beach wear, and jewelry.


We work mostly with artisans or home stay ladies, who have a small sewing machine in a corner of their kitchen. We are a slow fashion brand,  we focus on quality, longevity, and uniqueness. Therefore we produce only small quantities.

Our work rhythm is guided by Bali life rhythm. We encourage slower production schedules, fair wages and mostly being human! We put emphasis on the art of clothes and jewelry making. We celebrate the skills of the artisans who make them.

Lastly, we make sure to go full circle, we give back. Visit our "Give Back" section for more information.


Terima kasih

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