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About the designer

Geri PoupetteNYC

Geraldine, fondly called Geri by her friends, spent her formative years in the enchanting hills of the French Riviera. Her father, a painter, and her fashion-forward mother instilled in her a love for creativity from an early age. The awe-inspiring beauty of her surroundings would later influence Geri's "constant need to create," which is now at the core of her work as a designer.

During childhood, her mother, who thought she looked like a doll, would affectionately call her “Poupette” (French for the word “little doll”), and so, paying homage to her late mum, Geri’s jewelry design company, PoupetteNYC, was born.

Launched in 2005, PoupetteNYC  has allowed Geri to satiate her aforementioned “need to create.”   The designer is quick to point out that “my work has become my play,” and it is that playful yet thoughtful inspiration which serves as her guide when designing.

Geri's passion for jewelry began at a young age, and she started collecting what she deemed as "very special pieces." Her travels to different continents allowed her to expand her collection, sourcing unique items from traditional markets and thrift shops in various cities she has called home. These experiences unknowingly laid the groundwork for her future as a designer. However, it wasn't until her arrival in New York City that Geri decided to share her treasured pieces with the world through her own jewelry design company.

Geri's initial pieces were inspired by her cherished "little treasures," and were originally intended as gifts for her close friends. However, after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, she began designing and selling her jewelry to high-end boutiques across the United States and beyond. Encouraged by the enthusiastic reaction from vendors, Geri knew she had found her true calling as a jewelry designer.

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1965. Geri's mother is holding a lion cub at Plage de la Gougouline

Geri PoupetteNYC

For Geri, communication is just as essential as creation. She believes in connecting with individuals directly through her designs. As she puts it, "Through my jewelry, I aim to convey a feeling or emotion that speaks to the wearer's individuality. Each piece should reflect a mirror image of their true selves - the part they love about themselves the most." Geri's designs embody femininity and sensuality in a subtle, simple, and pure way, with clean, curvy, and delicate lines that can be seen throughout her collections. Her jewelry is intended to convey a personal message to the wearer, reflecting their unique identity.

Custom jewelry: Handcrafted with care, PoupetteNYC offers a stunning collection of custom jewelry pieces.
Custom jewelry: Handcrafted with care, PoupetteNYC offers a stunning collection of custom jewelry pieces.
Custom jewelry: Handcrafted with care, PoupetteNYC offers a stunning collection of custom jewelry pieces.

Geri's deep appreciation for the beauty of nature is evident in many of her designs. She hopes that some of her pieces will speak to the importance of environmental conservation. Her jewelry is often inspired by the natural gifts our planet provides, but her message goes beyond mere appreciation for natural beauty. Geri aims to highlight the fragility and vulnerability of the natural world, hoping to raise awareness of the need to protect it. As she explains, "If my jewelry can inspire even a small spark of consciousness in people, bring a smile, evoke an emotion or thought, or create an intention to protect the environment, then I feel that I have made a positive impact."

Geri firmly believes that the happiest people in life are those who give, rather than those who take. For her, being of service to others is the ultimate source of happiness. In addition to her work as a jewelry designer, Geri has also been teaching yoga for the past 12 years.  She has found great joy in sharing her knowledge and helping her students grow. By helping others, Geri fills her heart with happiness and purpose.

Geri is now living in Indonesia. After spending 15 amazing years in the world's greatest city, New York City, Geri fell in love with the island of the gods at first sight during a short visit. The rich culture, vibrant nature, and relaxed pace of life were irresistible, and just like that, Bali became her home six years ago.

Geri PoupetteNYC

The designer has simplified her life significantly, with a daily routine that revolves around her biggest passion - surfing - as well as creating, cooking, meditating, and indulging in her natural inclination towards dreaming.


Geri's process for creating each piece of jewelry is meticulous and personalized. First, she hand carves the design in wax or sketches it out. Then, the piece is cast in either silver, gold-filled, or solid gold. The final step is polishing, which can be done to achieve either a matte or shiny finish. For her one-of-a-kind pieces, Geri personally handpicks each stone, ensuring that it complements and enhances the design. This attention to detail and hands-on approach results in truly unique and exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Poupette jewelry can be found in speciality boutiques throughout the U.S, Asia and Europe.

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