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All Is Connected

All is connected, at least in my creative world.

All is cause and effect .

Often people ask me where do I get my inspiration from? It is a question a bit difficult to answer as my head seems to constantly boil with new ideas.. But here is a little story that can actually answer this question. A bit over a  year ago, after moving from  Bali jungle to Bali beaches ,  where surf is everywhere , I decided to learn how to surf. Surf is way beyond  a sport, it is a philosophy , a lifestyle, an intense love story with the ocean. So here I was, just after a few session, hooked … So not only I learned how to feel, understand and dance with waves, but I also got very inspired in my jewelry creations. See below a few images that will show you how my surf jewelry line came to life . We love “PROCESS”! Enjoy


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