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A lot happened those past couple of yeras.

After 15 years in the most amazing city in the world , who made me who I am, I felt i needed a change.

I was longing for a simplier life – moving slower – making more time for what really matters – human interaction – connecton with nature.

Over 5 years of extended travel in search of a new home , when I landed in bali , I knew right away- it was an evidence .

This past year has been all about planting seeds for a brand new life , it's been intense and ecxiting .

Bali is a playground for crative people , bali makes me bloom creatively like never before .

So my new website is meant to be more of a life style site , rather than only jewelry.

Here you will find all i love , many products i created because of my multiple big passion .

Yoga, surf , travel adventure, home decor , beach wear that make you feel natural and sexy.

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